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DescriptionMaterial:Polyoxymethylene (POM).Version:Flexible hose blue or black.
Accessories orange .
Note:The flexible hose is used to direct liquids or extract liquids, dust, steam or smoke. It can be extended and shortened as needed. The material is resistant to most chemicals and solvents. It is not electrically conductive, so it is also suitable for use on EDM's.

Precise adjustment, vibration resistant, position reliability, pressure stability. Freely combinable with nozzles, fasteners, junctions, T-pieces, reducers, extensions etc.

Recommneded line pressure:
Size 1/4˝ 2 - 3.5 bar
Size 1/2˝ 1.4 - 2 bar
Size 3/4˝ 0.7 - 1.4 bar

Flow rate:
Size 1/4˝ 950 l/min.
Size 1/2˝ 1800 l/min.
Size 3/4˝ 4300 l/min.
Temperature range:-20 °C to +80 °C.Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 96200 Coolant hose LOC-LINE® Flexi 1,1 MB


Coolant hose LOC-LINE® Flexi

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SizeArticle description

96200-14001411/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/4 L=140, BLUE 45.35 SEK
96200-14001421/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/4 L=140, BLACK 45.35 SEK
96200-14150011/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/4 L=15M, BLUE 4,796.87 SEK
96200-14150021/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/4 L=15M, BLACK 4,796.87 SEK
96200-14011/4ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/4, D=1,5punctiform jet 15.88 SEK
96200-14021/4ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/4, D=3punctiform jet 15.88 SEK
96200-14031/4ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/4, D=6punctiform jet 15.88 SEK
96200-14041/4FLAT NOZZLE WIDE SPRAY SIZE:1/4 B=25flat wide jet 41.17 SEK
96200-14051/4FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/4 B=12X1jet with constant profile 26.96 SEK
96200-14061/4FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/4 B=12X1,5jet with constant profile 26.96 SEK
96200-14071/4FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/4, 5-HOLEseveral parallel single jets 26.96 SEK
96200-14081/4FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/4, 7-HOLEseveral parallel single jets 26.96 SEK
96200-14091/4GRINDING NOZZLE SIZE:1/4 B=25straight bundled jet 41.28 SEK
96200-14101/4FLAT NOZZLE WITH BALL JOINT SIZE:1/4, 16-HOLE, D=1several parallel single jets 76.49 SEK
96200-14111/4FLAT NOZZLE WITH BALL JOINT SIZE:1/4, 16-HOLE, D=1,5several parallel single jets 76.49 SEK
96200-14121/4FLAT NOZZLE WITH BALL JOINT SIZE:1/4, 20-HOLE, D=2several parallel single jets 82.04 SEK
96200-14131/4ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/4, D=1,5punctiform jet 23.52 SEK
96200-14141/4ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/4, D=3punctiform jet 23.52 SEK
96200-14151/4ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/4, D=6punctiform jet 23.52 SEK
96200-14161/4ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/4, 6-HOLEseveral parallel single jets 41.28 SEK
96200-14171/4SCREW CONNECTION 1/8 NPT SIZE:1/4with ball and male thread 15.88 SEK
96200-14181/4SCREW CONNECTION 1/4 NPT SIZE:1/4with ball and male thread 15.88 SEK
96200-14191/4DISTRIBUTOR SIZE:1/42 hoses from 1 supply line 41.17 SEK
96200-14201/4DISTRIBUTOR SIZE:1/42 hoses at 90° from 1 supply line 47.03 SEK
96200-14211/4CONNECTING PIECE SIZE:1/4for tight bends 38.57 SEK
96200-14221/4COUPLING SIZE:1/4socket both sides 18.29 SEK
96200-14231/4ADAPTER SIZE:1/4, D=1/8with socket and female thread 21.22 SEK
96200-14241/4EXTENSION SIZE:1/4 L=95for bridging long stretches 37.31 SEK
96200-14251/4HOSE BEND 90° SIZE:1/4for bends 39.29 SEK
96200-14261/4RING SYSTEM SIZE:1/4lateral spray 381.22 SEK
96200-14271/4LOCKING RING WITH SCREW SIZE:1/4prevents bending or positional change at high pressure 26.33 SEK
96200-14281/4CHECK VALVE SIZE:1/4prevents dripping 92.70 SEK
96200-14291/4SHUT-OFF VALVE EXTERNAL THREAD SIZE:1/4, 1/4 NPTregulates and stops the flow 92.70 SEK
96200-14301/4SHUT-OFF VALVE INTERNAL THREAD SIZE:1/4, 1/4 NPTregulates and stops the flow 92.70 SEK
96200-14311/4SHUT-OFF VALVE WITH SEGMENT ADAPTER SIZE:1/4regulates and stops the flow 92.70 SEK
96200-14991/4ASSEMBLY TOOL SIZE:1/4for assembling hose elements 239.51 SEK
96200-12001411/2FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/2 L=140, BLUE 51.52 SEK
96200-12001421/2FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/2 L=140, BLACK 51.52 SEK
96200-12150011/2FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/2 L=15M, BLUE 5,922.96 SEK
96200-12150021/2FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:1/2 L=15M, BLACK 5,922.96 SEK
96200-12011/2ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/2, D=6punctiform jet 19.44 SEK
96200-12021/2ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/2, D=9punctiform jet 19.44 SEK
96200-12031/2ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:1/2, D=12punctiform jet 19.44 SEK
96200-12041/2FLAT NOZZLE WIDE SPRAY SIZE:1/2 B=32flat wide jet 48.18 SEK
96200-12051/2FLAT NOZZLE WIDE SPRAY SIZE:1/2 B=63flat wide jet 54.13 SEK
96200-12061/2FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/2 B=18X2jet with constant profile 30.72 SEK
96200-12071/2FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/2 B=18X3,2jet with constant profile 30.72 SEK
96200-12081/2FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/2, 5-HOLE, D=3,2several parallel single jets 30.72 SEK
96200-12091/2FLAT NOZZLE SIZE:1/2, 7-HOLE, D=2several parallel single jets 30.72 SEK
96200-12101/2GRINDING NOZZLE SIZE:1/2 B=32straight bundled jet 47.76 SEK
96200-12111/2GRINDING NOZZLE SIZE:1/2 B=42straight bundled jet 55.18 SEK
96200-12121/2FLAT NOZZLE WITH BALL JOINT SIZE:1/2, 20-HOLE, D=2several parallel single jets 85.06 SEK
96200-12131/2ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/2, D=6punctiform jet 26.75 SEK
96200-12141/2ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/2, D=9punctiform jet 26.75 SEK
96200-12151/2ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/2, D=12punctiform jet 26.75 SEK
96200-12161/2ANGLED NOZZLE 90° SIZE:1/2, 8-HOLEseveral parallel single jets 48.18 SEK
96200-12171/2SCREW CONNECTION 3/8 NPT SIZE:1/2with ball and male thread 19.44 SEK
96200-12181/2SCREW CONNECTION 1/2 NPT SIZE:1/2with ball and male thread 19.44 SEK
96200-12191/2DISTRIBUTOR SIZE:1/22 hoses from 1 supply line 48.18 SEK
96200-12201/2 - 1/4DISTRIBUTOR REDUCED SIZE:1/2-1/42 hoses from 1 supply line 48.18 SEK
96200-12211/2DISTRIBUTOR SIZE:1/22 hoses at 90° from 1 supply line 53.41 SEK
96200-12221/2CONNECTING PIECE SIZE:1/2, ORANGEfor tight bends 44.94 SEK
96200-12231/2COUPLING SIZE:1/2, ORANGEsocket both sides 20.90 SEK
96200-12241/2 - 1/4REDUCING BUSH SIZE:1/2-1/4reduces from 1/2" to 1/4" 41.28 SEK
96200-12251/2EXTENSION SIZE:1/2 L=95for bridging long stretches 42.96 SEK
96200-12261/2HOSE BEND 90° SIZE:1/2for bends 47.03 SEK
96200-12271/2RING SYSTEM SIZE:1/2lateral spray 426.68 SEK
96200-12281/2LOCKING RING WITH SCREW SIZE:1/2prevents bending or positional change at high pressure 30.62 SEK
96200-12291/2CHECK VALVE SIZE:1/2prevents dripping 117.78 SEK
96200-12301/2SHUT-OFF VALVE EXTERNAL THREAD SIZE:1/2, 1/2 NPTregulates and stops the flow 117.78 SEK
96200-12311/2SHUT-OFF VALVE INTERNAL THREAD SIZE:1/2, 1/2 NPTregulates and stops the flow 117.78 SEK
96200-12321/2SHUT-OFF VALVE WITH SEGMENT ADAPTER SIZE:1/2regulates and stops the flow 117.78 SEK
96200-12991/2ASSEMBLY TOOL SIZE:1/2for assembling hose elements 239.51 SEK
96200-34001513/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=152, BLUE 72.31 SEK
96200-34001523/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=152, BLACK 72.31 SEK
96200-34015013/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=1,5M, BLUE 745.61 SEK
96200-34015023/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=1,5M, BLACK 745.61 SEK
96200-34150013/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=15M, BLUE 6,974.23 SEK
96200-34150023/4FLEXIBLE HOSE SIZE:3/4 L=15M, BLACK 6,974.23 SEK
96200-34013/4ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:3/4, D=16punctiform jet 22.89 SEK
96200-34023/4ROUND NOZZLE SIZE:3/4, D=19punctiform jet 22.89 SEK
96200-34033/4FLAT NOZZLE WIDE SPRAY SIZE:3/4 B=76flat wide jet 71.38 SEK
96200-34043/4SCREW CONNECTION NPT 3/4 SIZE:3/4with ball and male thread 23.31 SEK
96200-34053/4SCREW CONNECTION BSPT 3/4 SIZE:3/4with ball and male thread 23.31 SEK
96200-34073/4DISTRIBUTOR SIZE:3/42 hoses from 1 supply line 71.38 SEK
96200-34083/4-1/2DISTRIBUTOR REDUCED SIZE:3/4-1/2reduces from 3/4" to 1/2" 71.38 SEK
96200-34093/4-1/2REDUCING BUSH SIZE:3/4-1/2reduces from 1/2" to 1/4" 51.52 SEK
96200-34103/4COUPLING SIZE:3/4socket both sides 25.82 SEK
96200-34113/4CONNECTING PIECE SIZE:3/4for tight bends 67.51 SEK
96200-34123/4SHUT-OFF VALVE EXTERNAL THREAD SIZE:3/4, NPT 3/4regulates and stops the flow 157.17 SEK
96200-34133/4SHUT-OFF VALVE INTERNAL THREAD SIZE:3/4, NPT 3/4regulates and stops the flow 157.17 SEK
96200-34143/4SHUT-OFF VALVE WITH SEGMENT ADAPTER SIZE:3/4regulates and stops the flow 157.17 SEK
96200-34993/4ASSEMBLY TOOL SIZE:3/4for assembling hose elements 303.16 SEK
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