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DescriptionMaterial:Rail and race ball-bearing steel.
Balls, ball-bearing steel.
Ball cage steel.
Version:Rail, runner and ball cage electro zinc-plated.
Race inductively hardened.
Balls hardened.
Note:Full extension consisting of two guide rails which form the intermediate element when connected to each other to form a double T profile, plus two runners which form the link to the connection construction as fixed and moving elements. High load rating and low bending thanks to compact, square design with high base load. The maximum travel is greater than the closed length of the telescopic rail. Mounting should be carried out horizontally if possible. To allow access to all fastening holes, the locking screw in the rail must be removed before mounting and replaced afterwards. Travel in both directions is achieved by removing the locking screws.

The internal stops limit the cage. Provide external stops for a loaded system.

Form A:
Use grade 10.9 DIN EN ISO 10642 countersunk head screws to install the rail.
Form B:
Use grade 10.9 screws to install the rail.

The maximum traversing speed is 0.8 m/s.

Application temperature -30 °C to +170 °C.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 21336 Telescopic rails Double-T form 196 kB


Telescopic rails, double-T form

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21336-1280210Atapped hole2828232M5-267,52104323023 1,635.95 SEK
21336-1280370Atapped hole2828380M5-267,53709684715 2,187.92 SEK
21336-1280450Atapped hole2828464M5-267,545011693856 2,437.47 SEK
21336-1280530Atapped hole2828548M5-267,553011073257 2,704.25 SEK
21336-1350370Atapped hole3535406M6-341037010257185 2,473.52 SEK
21336-1350450Atapped hole3535494M6-341045012507936 2,883.68 SEK
21336-1350530Atapped hole3535558M6-341053016857287 3,133.12 SEK
21336-1350610Atapped hole3535646M6-341061019086268 3,524.58 SEK
21336-1430450Atapped hole4343486M8-4413,5450182812796 3,666.49 SEK
21336-1430530Atapped hole4343556M8-4413,5530237514347 3,933.28 SEK
21336-1430610Atapped hole4343626M8-4413,5610293413008 4,394.64 SEK
21336-1430770Atapped hole4343796M8-4413,57703055101610 5,267.96 SEK
21336-1430930Atapped hole4343966M8-4413,5930250683312 5,801.53 SEK
21336-2280210Bcountersink2828232-M5267,52104323023 1,635.95 SEK
21336-2280370Bcountersink2828380-M5267,53709684715 2,187.92 SEK
21336-2280450Bcountersink2828464-M5267,545011693856 2,437.47 SEK
21336-2280530Bcountersink2828548-M5267,553011073257 2,704.25 SEK
21336-2350370Bcountersink3535406-M6341037010257185 2,473.52 SEK
21336-2350450Bcountersink3535494-M6341045012507936 2,883.68 SEK
21336-2350530Bcountersink3535558-M6341053016857287 3,133.12 SEK
21336-2350610Bcountersink3535646-M6341061019086268 3,524.58 SEK
21336-2430450Bcountersink4343486-M84413,5450182812796 3,666.49 SEK
21336-2430530Bcountersink4343556-M84413,5530237514347 3,933.28 SEK
21336-2430610Bcountersink4343626-M84413,5610293413008 4,394.64 SEK
21336-2430770Bcountersink4343796-M84413,57703055101610 5,267.96 SEK
21336-2430930Bcountersink4343966-M84413,5930250683312 5,801.53 SEK
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Roller guide rail
Rollenführung Anwendungsfilm
Guide carriages and rails with rollers with low friction coefficient
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