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DescriptionMaterial:Grey cast iron or steel.Version:PhosphatedNote:The taper clamping bushes enable easy and rapid mounting and removal of pulleys. The wide range of bore sizes available enable immediate mounting without any time-consuming and costly internal or external machining. The bushes have DIN 6885/1 keyways in addition to the locking screws. These taper clamping bushes are interchangeable with all other similar commercial types.Assembly:Installation must be carried out according to the enclosed user information.Accessory:Supplied complete with screws.
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 Datasheet 23200 Taper clamping bushes 155 kB


Taper clamping bushes

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Tightening torque
of clamping screws
23200-0351122type 1008grey cast iron22,3435111,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351222type 1008grey cast iron22,3435121,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351422type 1008grey cast iron22,3535142,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351522type 1008grey cast iron22,3535152,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351622type 1008grey cast iron22,3535162,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351822type 1008grey cast iron22,3635182,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0351922type 1008grey cast iron22,3635192,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0352022type 1008grey cast iron22,3635202,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0352222type 1008grey cast iron22,3635222,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381122type 1108grey cast iron22,3438111,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381222type 1108grey cast iron22,3438121,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381422type 1108grey cast iron22,3538142,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381522type 1108grey cast iron22,3538152,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381622type 1108grey cast iron22,3538162,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381722type 1108grey cast iron22,3538172,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381822type 1108grey cast iron22,3638182,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0381922type 1108grey cast iron22,3638192,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0382022type 1108grey cast iron22,3638202,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0382222type 1108grey cast iron22,3638222,81/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0382422type 1108grey cast iron22,3838242,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0382522type 1108grey cast iron22,3838252,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0382622type 1108grey cast iron22,3838262,31/4 BSW5,5 35.53 SEK
23200-0471125type 1210grey cast iron25,4447111,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471225type 1210grey cast iron25,4447121,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471425type 1210grey cast iron25,4547142,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471525type 1210grey cast iron25,4547152,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471625type 1210grey cast iron25,4547162,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471825type 1210grey cast iron25,4647182,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0471925type 1210grey cast iron25,4647192,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472025type 1210grey cast iron25,4647202,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472225type 1210grey cast iron25,4647222,83/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472425type 1210grey cast iron25,4847243,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472525type 1210grey cast iron25,4847253,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472625type 1210grey cast iron25,4847263,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0472825type 1210grey cast iron25,4847283,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0473025type 1210steel25,4847303,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0473225type 1210steel25,41047322,33/8 BSW20 46.61 SEK
23200-0571225type 1610grey cast iron25,4457121,83/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571425type 1610grey cast iron25,4557142,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571525type 1610grey cast iron25,4557152,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571625type 1610grey cast iron25,4557162,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571825type 1610grey cast iron25,4657182,83/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571925type 1610grey cast iron25,4657192,83/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572025type 1610grey cast iron25,4657202,83/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572225type 1610grey cast iron25,4657222,83/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572425type 1610grey cast iron25,4857243,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572525type 1610grey cast iron25,4857253,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572625type 1610grey cast iron25,4857263,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0572825type 1610grey cast iron25,4857283,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0573025type 1610grey cast iron25,4857303,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0573225type 1610grey cast iron25,41057323,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0573525type 1610grey cast iron25,41057353,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0573825type 1610grey cast iron25,41057383,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0574025type 1610steel25,41257402,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0574225type 1610steel25,41257422,33/8 BSW20 51.11 SEK
23200-0571238type 1615grey cast iron38,1457121,83/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0571438type 1615grey cast iron38,1557142,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0571538type 1615grey cast iron38,1557152,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0571638type 1615grey cast iron38,1557162,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0571838type 1615grey cast iron38,1657182,83/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0571938type 1615grey cast iron38,1657192,83/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572038type 1615grey cast iron38,1657202,83/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572238type 1615grey cast iron38,1657222,83/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572438type 1615grey cast iron38,1857243,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572538type 1615grey cast iron38,1857253,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572638type 1615grey cast iron38,1857263,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0572838type 1615grey cast iron38,1857283,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0573038type 1615grey cast iron38,1857303,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0573238type 1615grey cast iron38,11057323,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0573538type 1615grey cast iron38,11057353,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0573838type 1615grey cast iron38,11057383,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0574038type 1615steel38,11257402,33/8 BSW20 62.18 SEK
23200-0701431type 2012grey cast iron31,8570142,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0701631type 2012grey cast iron31,8570162,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0701831type 2012grey cast iron31,8670182,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0701931type 2012grey cast iron31,8670192,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702031type 2012grey cast iron31,8670202,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702231type 2012grey cast iron31,8670222,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702431type 2012grey cast iron31,8870243,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702531type 2012grey cast iron31,8870253,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702631type 2012grey cast iron31,8870263,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0702831type 2012grey cast iron31,8870283,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0703031type 2012grey cast iron31,8870303,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0703231type 2012grey cast iron31,81070323,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0703531type 2012grey cast iron31,81070353,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0703831type 2012grey cast iron31,81070383,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0704031type 2012grey cast iron31,81270403,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0704231type 2012grey cast iron31,81270423,37/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0704531type 2012grey cast iron31,81470453,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0704831type 2012grey cast iron31,81470483,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0705031type 2012steel31,81470503,87/16 BSW30 73.26 SEK
23200-0851844type 2517grey cast iron44,5685182,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0851944type 2517grey cast iron44,5685192,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0852044type 2517grey cast iron44,5685202,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0852244type 2517grey cast iron44,5685222,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0852444type 2517grey cast iron44,5885243,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0852544type 2517grey cast iron44,5885253,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0852844type 2517grey cast iron44,5885283,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0853044type 2517grey cast iron44,5885303,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0853244type 2517grey cast iron44,51085323,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0853544type 2517grey cast iron44,51085353,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0853844type 2517grey cast iron44,51085383,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0854044type 2517grey cast iron44,51285403,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0854244type 2517grey cast iron44,51285423,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0854544type 2517grey cast iron44,51485453,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0854844type 2517grey cast iron44,51485483,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0855044type 2517grey cast iron44,51485503,81/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0855544type 2517grey cast iron44,51685554,31/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-0856044type 2517grey cast iron44,51885604,41/2 BSW50 108.79 SEK
23200-1082250type 3020grey cast iron50,86108222,85/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1082550type 3020grey cast iron50,88108253,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1082850type 3020grey cast iron50,88108283,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1083050type 3020grey cast iron50,88108303,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1083250type 3020grey cast iron50,810108323,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1083550type 3020grey cast iron50,810108353,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1083850type 3020grey cast iron50,810108383,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1084050type 3020grey cast iron50,812108403,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1084250type 3020grey cast iron50,812108423,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1084550type 3020grey cast iron50,814108453,85/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1084850type 3020grey cast iron50,814108483,85/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1085050type 3020grey cast iron50,814108503,85/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1085550type 3020grey cast iron50,816108554,35/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1086050type 3020grey cast iron50,818108604,45/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1086550type 3020grey cast iron50,818108654,45/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1087050type 3020grey cast iron50,820108704,95/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
23200-1087550type 3020steel50,820108754,95/8 BSW90 175.56 SEK
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