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Star grips, Form L, projecting steel bush with external thread

Star grips, Form L, projecting steel bush with external thread

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DescriptionMaterial:Black thermoplastic.
Steel grade 5.8 or stainless steel 1.4305.
Version:Metal parts trivalent blue passivated steel or bright stainless steel.Special features:
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 Datasheet 06210_L Star grips, Form L, projecting steel bush with external thread 150 kB


Star grips, Form L, projecting steel bush with external thread

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Order No.FormComponent
06210-405X10LsteelM52510179710 12.23 SEK
06210-405X15LsteelM52510179715 12.23 SEK
06210-405X20LsteelM52510179720 12.23 SEK
06210-406X10LsteelM63213,521119,510 14.00 SEK
06210-406X15LsteelM63213,521119,515 14.00 SEK
06210-406X20LsteelM63213,521119,520 14.00 SEK
06210-406X25LsteelM63213,521119,525 15.79 SEK
06210-406X30LsteelM63213,521119,530 15.79 SEK
06210-408X15LsteelM84013,525131015 16.30 SEK
06210-408X20LsteelM84013,525131020 16.83 SEK
06210-408X25LsteelM84013,525131025 17.56 SEK
06210-408X30LsteelM84013,525131030 18.18 SEK
06210-408X40LsteelM84013,525131040 18.71 SEK
06210-408X50LsteelM84013,525131050 19.86 SEK
06210-410X20LsteelM10501932171220 20.90 SEK
06210-410X25LsteelM10501932171225 22.78 SEK
06210-410X30LsteelM10501932171230 24.56 SEK
06210-410X40LsteelM10501932171240 26.86 SEK
06210-410X50LsteelM10501932171250 29.26 SEK
06210-410X60LsteelM10501932171260 29.79 SEK
06210-412X20LsteelM12631937181220 28.53 SEK
06210-412X25LsteelM12631937181225 30.83 SEK
06210-412X30LsteelM12631937181230 33.23 SEK
06210-412X40LsteelM12631937181240 35.53 SEK
06210-412X50LsteelM12631937181250 37.94 SEK
06210-412X60LsteelM12631937181260 40.13 SEK
06210-505X10Lstainless steelM52510179710 16.83 SEK
06210-505X15Lstainless steelM52510179715 16.83 SEK
06210-505X20Lstainless steelM52510179720 16.83 SEK
06210-506X10Lstainless steelM63213,521119,510 20.38 SEK
06210-506X15Lstainless steelM63213,521119,515 20.38 SEK
06210-506X20Lstainless steelM63213,521119,520 20.38 SEK
06210-506X25Lstainless steelM63213,521119,525 21.64 SEK
06210-506X30Lstainless steelM63213,521119,530 21.64 SEK
06210-508X15Lstainless steelM84013,525131015 25.71 SEK
06210-508X20Lstainless steelM84013,525131020 26.24 SEK
06210-508X25Lstainless steelM84013,525131025 26.86 SEK
06210-508X30Lstainless steelM84013,525131030 27.38 SEK
06210-508X40Lstainless steelM84013,525131040 28.53 SEK
06210-508X50Lstainless steelM84013,525131050 29.26 SEK
06210-510X20Lstainless steelM10501932171220 34.49 SEK
06210-510X25Lstainless steelM10501932171225 34.90 SEK
06210-510X30Lstainless steelM10501932171230 35.53 SEK
06210-510X40Lstainless steelM10501932171240 36.16 SEK
06210-510X50Lstainless steelM10501932171250 36.78 SEK
06210-510X60Lstainless steelM10501932171260 37.31 SEK
06210-512X20Lstainless steelM12631937181220 43.16 SEK
06210-512X25Lstainless steelM12631937181225 44.42 SEK
06210-512X30Lstainless steelM12631937181230 46.40 SEK
06210-512X40Lstainless steelM12631937181240 47.55 SEK
06210-512X50Lstainless steelM12631937181250 49.02 SEK
06210-512X60Lstainless steelM12631937181260 53.09 SEK
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