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Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 1).Version:Steel grade 5.8, bright;
Stainless steel, bright.
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 Datasheet 06089 Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653 178 kB


Knurled screws low head steel and stainless steel, DIN 653

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06089-03X10steelM31234,5810 4.92 SEK
06089-03X12steelM31234,51012 5.23 SEK
06089-03X16steelM31234,51416 6.27 SEK
06089-04X8steelM41646,558 6.17 SEK
06089-04X10steelM41646,5710 6.59 SEK
06089-04X12steelM41646,5912 6.69 SEK
06089-04X16steelM41646,51316 7.01 SEK
06089-04X20steelM41646,51720 8.15 SEK
06089-05X10steelM52057710 8.26 SEK
06089-05X12steelM52057912 8.26 SEK
06089-05X16steelM520571316 8.68 SEK
06089-05X20steelM520571720 9.93 SEK
06089-05X25steelM520572225 10.45 SEK
06089-05X30steelM520572730 11.40 SEK
06089-06X12steelM62469812 11.19 SEK
06089-06X16steelM624691216 11.61 SEK
06089-06X20steelM624691620 11.91 SEK
06089-06X25steelM624692125 13.07 SEK
06089-06X30steelM624692630 15.26 SEK
06089-06X35steelM624693135 16.09 SEK
06089-06X40steelM624693640 17.56 SEK
06089-08X16steelM8308111116 15.26 SEK
06089-08X20steelM8308111520 16.20 SEK
06089-08X25steelM8308112025 17.67 SEK
06089-08X30steelM8308112530 19.55 SEK
06089-08X35steelM8308113035 21.64 SEK
06089-08X40steelM8308113540 24.04 SEK
06089-10X20steelM103610141420 26.13 SEK
06089-10X25steelM103610141925 27.91 SEK
06089-10X30steelM103610142430 34.18 SEK
06089-10X35steelM103610142935 36.27 SEK
06089-10X40steelM103610143440 40.55 SEK
06089-032X10stainless steelM31234,5810 8.47 SEK
06089-032X12stainless steelM31234,51012 10.66 SEK
06089-032X16stainless steelM31234,51416 11.70 SEK
06089-042X8stainless steelM41646,558 11.08 SEK
06089-042X10stainless steelM41646,5710 11.40 SEK
06089-042X12stainless steelM41646,5912 11.50 SEK
06089-042X16stainless steelM41646,51316 12.96 SEK
06089-042X20stainless steelM41646,51720 16.62 SEK
06089-052X10stainless steelM52057710 16.62 SEK
06089-052X12stainless steelM52057912 17.97 SEK
06089-052X16stainless steelM520571316 19.34 SEK
06089-052X20stainless steelM520571720 22.15 SEK
06089-052X25stainless steelM520572225 25.71 SEK
06089-052X30stainless steelM520572730 28.53 SEK
06089-062X12stainless steelM62469812 23.52 SEK
06089-062X16stainless steelM624691216 24.45 SEK
06089-062X20stainless steelM624691620 26.65 SEK
06089-062X25stainless steelM624692125 31.35 SEK
06089-062X30stainless steelM624692630 35.95 SEK
06089-062X35stainless steelM624693135 52.57 SEK
06089-062X40stainless steelM624693640 53.82 SEK
06089-082X16stainless steelM8308111116 35.01 SEK
06089-082X20stainless steelM8308111520 39.71 SEK
06089-082X25stainless steelM8308112025 44.94 SEK
06089-082X30stainless steelM8308112530 54.55 SEK
06089-102X20stainless steelM103610141420 59.57 SEK
06089-102X25stainless steelM103610141925 63.75 SEK
06089-102X30stainless steelM103610142430 68.45 SEK
06089-102X40stainless steelM103610143440 87.47 SEK
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