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DescriptionMaterial:Steel or stainless steel (A 2)Version:Grade 4.6, galvanised.
Grade 8.8 bright or galvanised.
Bright stainless steel.
Note:Threaded rods are only available in 1000 mm lengths.
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet 07640 Threaded rods steel and stainless steel DIN 976-1 90 kB


Threaded rods steel and stainless steel DIN 976-1

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Order No.Material

07640-031steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M31000 21.43 SEK
07640-041steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M41000 25.08 SEK
07640-051steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M51000 30.93 SEK
07640-061steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M61000 34.60 SEK
07640-081steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M81000 39.82 SEK
07640-101steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M101000 47.76 SEK
07640-121steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M121000 73.78 SEK
07640-161steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M161000 99.80 SEK
07640-201steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M201000 151.84 SEK
07640-241steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M241000 212.45 SEK
07640-301steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M301000 240.56 SEK
07640-361steelRH threadgalvanised4.6M361000 301.38 SEK
07640-1041steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M41000 112.86 SEK
07640-1051steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M51000 83.60 SEK
07640-1061steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M61000 85.69 SEK
07640-1081steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M81000 66.88 SEK
07640-1101steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M101000 45.14 SEK
07640-1121steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M121000 65.84 SEK
07640-1161steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M161000 126.03 SEK
07640-1201steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M201000 210.99 SEK
07640-1241steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M241000 283.72 SEK
07640-1301steelLH threadgalvanised4.6M301000 282.15 SEK
07640-05high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M51000 51.11 SEK
07640-06high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M61000 57.17 SEK
07640-08high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M81000 65.84 SEK
07640-10high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M101000 79.00 SEK
07640-12high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M121000 122.47 SEK
07640-14high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M141000 165.74 SEK
07640-16high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M161000 165.74 SEK
07640-18high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M181000 252.47 SEK
07640-20high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M201000 252.47 SEK
07640-22high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M221000 353.53 SEK
07640-24high carbon steelRH thread-8.8M241000 353.53 SEK
07640-043steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M41000 41.80 SEK
07640-053steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M51000 51.62 SEK
07640-063steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M61000 57.68 SEK
07640-083steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M81000 66.36 SEK
07640-103steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M101000 79.53 SEK
07640-123steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M121000 123.00 SEK
07640-143steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M141000 166.27 SEK
07640-163steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M161000 166.27 SEK
07640-183steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M181000 253.00 SEK
07640-203steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M201000 253.00 SEK
07640-223steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M221000 354.05 SEK
07640-243steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M241000 354.05 SEK
07640-303steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M301000 400.86 SEK
07640-363steelRH threadgalvanised8.8M361000 502.23 SEK
07640-1063steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M61000 35.11 SEK
07640-1083steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M81000 58.94 SEK
07640-1103steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M101000 93.42 SEK
07640-1123steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M121000 122.27 SEK
07640-1163steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M161000 216.01 SEK
07640-1203steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M201000 337.02 SEK
07640-1243steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M241000 487.50 SEK
07640-1303steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M301000 687.09 SEK
07640-1363steelLH threadgalvanised8.8M361000 808.83 SEK
07640-052stainless steelRH thread-70M51000 60.72 SEK
07640-062stainless steelRH thread-70M61000 66.25 SEK
07640-082stainless steelRH thread-70M81000 82.04 SEK
07640-102stainless steelRH thread-70M101000 114.02 SEK
07640-122stainless steelRH thread-70M121000 168.36 SEK
07640-162stainless steelRH thread-70M161000 268.15 SEK
07640-182stainless steelRH thread-70M181000 304.41 SEK
07640-202stainless steelRH thread-70M201000 444.24 SEK
07640-222stainless steelRH thread-70M221000 476.52 SEK
07640-242stainless steelRH thread-70M241000 529.72 SEK
07640-1042stainless steelLH thread-70M41000 60.61 SEK
07640-1052stainless steelLH thread-70M51000 66.78 SEK
07640-1062stainless steelLH thread-70M61000 72.84 SEK
07640-1082stainless steelLH thread-70M81000 90.29 SEK
07640-1102stainless steelLH thread-70M101000 125.40 SEK
07640-1122stainless steelLH thread-70M121000 185.17 SEK
07640-1162stainless steelLH thread-70M161000 295.01 SEK
07640-1202stainless steelLH thread-70M201000 488.64 SEK
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